Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Interweb is Like A Mine.... Of Coupons!

Our Mission, to seek out new coupon sites and to boldly clip as no one has clipped before!

My Sunday afternoon non-holiday ritual included a leisurely stroll to the little Mexican corner store to pickup the Sunday paper.  I would usually peruse the headlines for anything interesting on the walk back (it wasn't a very good paper), and spend half an hour clipping coupons, sorting them into my little wallet-sized accordion-style organizer.

Of course, I only clip the coupons for products I usually buy, or products that are brand-new.  It's almost always cheaper to not buy something.  (But sometimes with careful shopping, the new products end up being free with the coupon!)

Oddly enough, in NJ the grocery store circulars were pitched at your house long about Thursday and that's when the sales started for the week.  Go figure. 
Anyway, I always made my $1.50 for the paper back in the coupons I clipped... but I knew there had to be more coupons out there....

Note: Most of these require a login, and some kind of "Coupon Printer" to be installed before you print.  It's ok - install it.  It's not harmful software, it's there so you can't print an infinite amount of those coupons. 


AFullCup.com     This site lets you search brands or products, and will "find" coupons for you.  Very useful.  This site also has a GREAT Coupon Blog that will outline the weekly deals for you!

Target.com            Target stocks great coupons that can be used in their store

RiteAid +UP         Do you have a Rite Aid Wellness+ Card?  Did you register it online?  Then you are eligible for $5 off of a $25 purchase, not to mention TONS of other rewards! 

LogIn, go to "In Our Stores" and click on "Video Values."  Watch a video, get a coupon, rack up points for another $5 off of a $25 purchase!
Keep an eye on the circulars.  Many times personal care items are much cheaper in a drugstore - especially with coupons!

*FUN FACT* Did you know you can use 1 Manufacturer Coupon AND 1 Store Coupon for each item?!  It's true!  Check the top of the coupon to see if it says "Manufacturer Coupon"

Also, see if it makes sense to save the under $1 coupons for stores that Double Coupons.  For example, Tops will take your $.75 coupon and make it $1.50 in savings!  Of course, if Rite Aid has it $2 cheaper than Tops.... Well, you know what to do!

Stores like Tops also occasionally run promotions where you can use a coupon in their circular to double a $1 coupon, or have (store) coupons for different.  Keep an eye out for those, even if it's just to grab a circular when you walk in.

Other programs you might like to enroll in:
Drink Tropicana OJ?  You can enter Tropicana codes for points to trade in for coupons or prizes

Use NatureMade vitamins?  Create an account for access to COUPONS!  And rack up points there too!  (Target likes to put these vitamins on amazing sales, and coupons usually stack!)

I hope you learned a couple nifty tricks for coupon clipping and saving! 
Tune in next week when we dive into the immensely clever world of "Free Internet Stuff."
Shop Thrifty!

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