Friday, September 24, 2010

Money May Not Grow On Trees, but Freebies Grow On The Intertubes!

Does the bubbly background make it annoying to read the blog?  (I don't read it after I publish... mea culpa)

SO my darling readers, I apologize for the late post this week.  I am currently being just as trendy as possible lounging in an LA cafe with ginormous sunglasses sipping my latte (ok, it's coffee.  Lattes are too much... not coffee) and blogging.  Fear not... my pants are not skinny and I am not sporting a hipster scarf and Apple products ;-)

How is your saving escapades?  Any brilliant triumphs?  Well, did you SHARE THEM WITH THE CLASS?!  Extra credit is available.

This week's blog concerns Free Stuff from the Interwebs.

Ha.  I thought that would get your attention.  Yep.  Solely digital no longer, the interwebs deliver stuff required to survive directly to your door.  This post is how to never buy shampoo, tampons or breakfast cereal ever again.  Yes I wrote that in small letters.  Boys might read this blog too you know.  I'm sensitive and whatever.

Let's start with an easy one, shall we?  Feel free to follow along in a new tab.

Walmart loves to send you (good) free stuff.  Just fill out the info and BAM it shows up at your door.  It's pretty speedy, and the samples are usually good sized.
No, you don't have to agree to provide feedback to get the sample. 
Frequency: Check back weekly.

Yes, that's the name of the site.  Awesome, right?  Besides their AWESOME discount shopping section (definitely check it out before you buy a computer) they have Daily Free Stuff!  Beware.... check early in the day for the best stuff.  It's a popular site and some stuff goes Quick!
Frequency: Check back daily.
No Junk Free Stuff
I know, these names keep getting better and trust me... so do the offers.
This one's a little more complicated. It's a mix of coupons and freebies, but sometimes that's nice!
Frequency: Check back weekly-ish.
Start Sampling
Alright, I know that name isn't AS clever. This is one of those rare sites where a membership is nice. You rack up "Trial Flyer Points" or something. For getting free stuff. Yep.
Not that I've received spam from them, but as always I recommend your "extra" email account for this one. It has GREAT samples from everywhere. 
Frequency: Check back weekly-ish.

PG Sampler 
It's another one you have to register for.  But trust me, it's worth it.  Clicky clicky.... and free stuff and coupons magically appear!  
 Frequency: Check back monthly.

Yes yes, I know.  More stuff to sign up for.  Notice I grouped them for you.  But would I lead you astray?  Would I deliver you unto Spam?  Of course not.  Only sweet, sweet freebies! 
Frequency: Check back weekly.

Yogi Well Wishes
Some of you may have been recipients of this already. The Yogi Well-Wishes Tree sends a 3-pack of delicious Organic tea to you and/or a loved one (along with a lovely message).
I'm pretty sure it's one per household, but spread the love! (I adore the Mexican Chili tea. Mmmm. It's a real sinus-clearer-upper)

Now, I want to point out that I have personally used every single one of these freebie sites. No "I heard about it" or "I googled it..." about it. Nope. I use it. I love it. I share it.

Have a super duper freebie site to share with the class? Don't be stingy!

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  1. I just wanted to note, the Huge Orange Headings are all Links. Yeah... I realize now that's not the most obvious.